Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Live 8 Eden Project - The Roots of Africa

I was lucky enough to attend the Cornwall event at the Eden Project. For those who are unfamiliar with the venue, it is an area in Cornwall, England that had huge biodomes. Guests can come to learn about all kinds of plant life and discover the green planet. This leg of the Live 8 concert was a bit different in that it included primarily performers from Africa. It was a heartfelt relaxed day mixed with music and dance. I imagine that the other Live 8 events were more commercial. Details about the Live 8 Eden project can be found at, in addition to facts about the various performances. The day was absolutely memorable and I woudl strongly suggest picking up this DVD to learn more about the music and cultures of Africa.


Blogger lucyjones23840391 said...

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Blogger Muso Babe said...

Hi live 8,

You have a very good blog here - quite rare these days! Also, I do like this post you've just added.

I've been here a couple of times looking for inspiration for my own blog, can't seem to get it off the ground though!

Anyway, nice one, I'll be back soon.


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Blogger Music Fan said...

Hello live 8. Just came across your blog whilst surfing generally, I find it very interesting. I'm trying to get a blog going on some of my sites but don't have the patience to keep it up! Anyway, if you fancy looking at the new live 8 dvd which is out today, it's here.

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